Welcome to Orchid and Grove

Welcome to Orchid & Grove – your online Department Store and wedding registry.  We currently stock over 1,000 different products and we are constantly on the look-out for new products to add to our range.

We know how much work goes into organising a wedding.  And we know most people struggle with whether they should create a registry – we did.  We didn’t expect our guests to give us gifts, we just wanted them to help us celebrate our marriage. 

We set up a registry (at the urging of our Mothers) and realised what a great idea it was.  Most guests love to give the happy couple a gift to mark the occasion.  Setting up a registry makes it easy for those that need some inspiration and want to get something for the bride and groom that they will love.

However, we struggled to find a single service that listed the range of products we wanted.  So we decided to set up Orchid & Grove to fill that gap.  We hope you enjoy using Orchid & Grove.

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