Setting up your wedding gift registry

A wedding registry can be an important part of the wedding experience for you and your guests.  It should be easy to use, offer quality products and the ability to add the gifts you really want. It should not be stressful or time consuming.  

We know people struggle with “asking” guests for gifts – we did.  We didn’t expect our guests to give us gifts, we just wanted them to help us celebrate our marriage.  But, as guests we (any many others) love to keep to tradition and give the happy couple a gift to mark their wedding day. Setting up a registry makes it easy for those who need some inspiration and want to get a gift that the bride and groom want, and will love.

When we are browsing a wedding registry, we always look to give gifts that will last a lifetime, not items that will need to be replaced in a few years’ time so we also suggest quality over quantity. 

It can be tough trying to decide what to include on your registry.  Here are a few simple things to think about that may help you out:

  • Things you need (now or in the future).  The easiest place to start.  You may be setting up a home together or just upgrading from the random flatting items accumulated over many years. So include some quality, practical everyday items that you need (or really should replace).  Quality knives, a nice dinner set or cutlery canteen, linen and towels are a great examples of everyday practical gifts that can be used daily or saved for special occasions and if looked after, will last forever.


  • Things you love to do.  Together or alone or both.  If you love to cook, a beautiful cookbook would be perfect and something you will use and keep forever.  If you enjoy an occasional drink, some quality wine specific wine glasses and a decanter would be a great addition to your glassware collection and will look great for dinner parties.


  • Things you want but probably wouldn’t buy yourself. A piece of art, a new coffee machine, furniture or flash kitchen appliance could make your life at home easier and more comfortable.


  • A little bit of luxury - something you desire but would not buy for yourself. People love giving gifts that they know are desired and will be treasured forever. Vases and quality glass bowls fit this criteria perfectly. They look beautiful, can be displayed and used on special occasions and will be remembered forever.


  • Special mementos to help remember your wedding day. There will be so many beautiful photos that you will want them all displayed.  Some beautiful Vera Wang photo frames for display at home or your place of work will be a lovely memento of your special day.

  • Try to cater for all budgets.  This is where adding some more expensive items as a “contribution” gift is a great idea.  You can specify a contribution amount at a price that is accessible to everyone.  There are also a wide range of lovely gifts for under $50 – books, candles, glassware are great options.

  • Not sure exactly what you need?  We are not big fans of asking for money but if you have a project or trip in mind then gift cards could be just the ticket AirNZ Holidays of Mitre10 – the options are endless!
  • Make sure you have listed enough gifts for all guests to choose something that they would love to give and keep an eye on how it is tracking – you can always add more if you need to.

Orchid & Grove provides an easy to use, free, online wedding registry service that you can create from the comfort of your home and personalise with photos, messages and any product you like.  You can find us and set up your wedding registry online at We’d love to hear from you!

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