Magimix Food Processor

I don't think it is an overstatement to say that we love our Magimix Food Processor.  We've got the 2.6 litre version which has three separate bowls and numerous different blades.  We store it on our bench so it is easy to access and as a result it gets a workout most days.  It's powerful motor breezes through chopping and it's pretty easy to clean up (which is great because we hate doing dishes!).

We use it to whip up quick snacks like hummus, bliss balls, for grating beetroot and carrot for salads (no purple hands, and even for making scones.  

The Magimix is a great addition to anyone's kitchen and is unlikely to languish unused at the back of a cupboard.  We'd highly recommend adding one to your wedding registry.  It may be the type of wedding gift that you'd like to add as a contribution item.  That way guests can contribute to the total cost of the gift, without having to purchase the whole thing.  We think that is a pretty cool feature.


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