Spiegelau Craft Beer Glasses

Spiegelau have been making glassware for over 5 centuries and are now making a grate range of craft beer glasses.

Spiegelau's craft beer glasses are designed to enhance the appearance, flavour and aroma of your favourite beer.  They've been tested by an expert panel of craft beer experts to create the perfect shaped glass to maximise the flavour of different craft beers.  They boast brilliant clarity and are certified dishwasher safe (up to 1500 cycles).

We're stoked to be stocking this awesome range of craft beer glasses.  The range includes tall pilsner, stemmed pilsner, stout, lager, wheat and great tasting and connoisseur boxed sets of 4 different glasses. 

The perfect gift for any beer drinker and a great addition to your wedding registry!



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