Le Creuset cookware now available for your wedding registry

Our Le Creuset cast iron casserole has been getting a huge work out since the cold weather set in.  We use it all the time and were lucky enough to receive it as a wedding gift from family friends.  They told us that it is their go to wedding gift as they know it is something that will get used frequently and stand the test of time.  They're speaking from experience as they still use their Le Creuset casserole that they were given for their wedding over 35 years ago. 

Given how much we love our Le Creuset cookware we are super excited to announce that Orchid & Grove is now stocking Le Creuset's stunning range of cast iron and stainless steel cookware.  So if you've been coveting something from the Le Creuset range for some time you can now treat yourself, or if you have a wedding registry set up with us you can go ahead and add products from the Le Creuset range to your registry.

Le Creuset's enamelled cast iron cookware is perfect for stewing, braising, simmering and baking and moves effortlessly from oven to table.  Because cast iron cooks evenly and retains heat your meals will stay hotter for longer at the table.


The multi-layering technology used in Le Creuset's 3-ply stainless steel range improves cooking performance by spreading heat evenly and gently throughout the entire pan from base to rim.  The range combines the benefits of stainless steel and aluminium with a magnetic stainless steel exterior, an aluminium core and a mirror polished stainless steel interior.

Le Creuset's cast iron and stainless steel cookware is compatible with any heat source including, induction, gas, electric, ceramic, radiant ring, oven and is dishwasher safe.  So it's easy to use and care for. The only problem you'll have is deciding what to go for. I'm seriously tempted by the stunning Coastal Blue cast iron range - I'm sure I can make room in my kitchen for it!


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