All you need to know about setting up a wedding registry

Setting up your wedding registry should be one of the easiest and most enjoyable pieces of wedmin you’ll undertake when planning your big day.  There are a few things we’ve learnt at Orchid & Grove over the years that we hope will help make setting up your gift registry a breeze.

Why you should set up a gift registry

  • People take pride in giving wedding gifts (even if you ask them not to). Putting together a registry of gifts that you love helps your friends and family choose something special and avoids double ups.
  • Cash as a gift doesn’t suit many people – it’s not very romantic and is quickly forgotten. Tangible gifts have a much higher ‘memory’ value.
  • Registries are common and people look for the details in your wedding information to help them.
  • You will still get really personal and creative gifts from clever gift givers – but the registry will give them an idea of what your tastes are and help those that need it.
  • A lot of people will have some distance to travel to attend a wedding. The logistics of buying, wrapping, protecting and delivering a gift are not always easy for your family and friends. A professional registry service will take care of all of those logistics.

Key features to look for in a gift registry

When deciding on who to trust with your gift registry, you should look for the following key features:

  • Online is the best – access is available at anytime from anywhere.
  • No fees or additional charges. Free web hosting, shipping and gift wrapping should come standard.
  • A broad range of quality gift ideas.
  • The ability to customise your gift list and add special items from outside the range at no extra cost – no one stocks everything!
  • The ability to set up larger ticket items as “Contribution Gifts” where a number of guests can each buy part of the gift.
  • Competitive prices at or below RRP.
  • A discount for you to purchase items remaining on the registry after the wedding.
  • A service that provides a detailed list of gifts and givers to make writing “Thank You” cards easy.
  • Personal service for you and your friends and family, including the ability for people to add personalised messages with their gifts. Not everyone can make it into a physical store and some ‘technologically challenged’ people may prefer to speak over the phone.

Orchid & Grove offers all of this and more. 

Curating your gift registry

Choosing gifts for your registry is great fun but can be overwhelming given the variety of choice available. To help make curating your registry easier for you we’ve compiled a few helpful tips:

  • Quality: Choose items that will last a lifetime, not items that will need to be replaced in a few years’ time.
  • Practical: Add items that you need now, or will in the future. Now’s the time to upgrade your random mismatched items that you accumulated when flatting. Practical items like dinner sets, cutlery sets and linen are great examples of gifts that can be used daily and if looked after will last forever.
  • Memories: Pick some items that will become special mementos to help you remember your wedding day, such as beautiful photo frames to display your wedding photos in.
  • Fun: Think of the things you love to do as a couple and add some gifts to help you spend quality time together. Love to cook together? Add cookbooks. Enjoy drinking great wine with friends? Add a wine decanter and varietal specific glasses.
  • Luxury: Think of the things you covet but wouldn’t buy for yourself, such as that massive BBQ or stunning crystal vase.
  • Not sure what you need? If you have a project or trip in mind then add some gift cards such as AirNZ Holidays or Mitre 10 vouchers.
  • Cater for all budgets. This is where adding some more expensive items as contribution gifts is a great idea.
  • Make sure you add enough gifts for all guests to choose something that they would love to give and keep an eye on how your registry is tracking adding more gifts if you need to.


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