AirBNB for Wedding Venues is in NZ!

Planning a wedding? Setup your free wedding registry here! is a trusted community platform for people to list, discover, and book unique wedding venues around New Zealand.

Tamarin, the entrepreneur behind the site, said that picking a wedding venue for her was a big deal.

“The venue sets the tone. It influences your invite list. It’s the “meat” in the wedding sandwich, if you will. So why then is finding one so hard?”

Tamarin could never understand why some venues dictate how much you must spend on food, or whether or not you can have children, or even what type of decor you must hire.

While reflecting on her own wedding and the venues she found while planning, Tamarin decided to create a website where people who have beautiful properties can rent them to couples wanting a venue that reflects them (and their budget!).

Whether an intimate garden ceremony of 10 or an extended family wedding on a lifestyle property, connects couples to unique backyard venues.

There are already over 30 private venues listed, with more being added each week, suiting all budgets and tastes.

You can hire a range of venues from rustic lodges in the mountains, like Cedar Ridge, to your own private beach for the al-fresco wedding, like The Beach House.


If you are wanting to elope or have a small wedding, there are options for you too, like the tranquil Rosebud Cottage.

With a background in customer experience design, Tamarin hopes to transform the venue-finding experience for couples and help private-venue owners make some sweet moolah from their backyard.

Sign up to the to save your favourite venues and keep up to date of the new ones being added.



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