FAQs for Couples

We've created a list of frequently asked questions below.  If you can't find your answer here just give us a call or flick us an email.  We'd love to hear from you!


How much does it cost to set up a wedding gift registry with Orchid & Grove? Nothing. Its FREE!! There are no hidden costs for you or for your guests. 

Will our guests have to pay for shipping or pay any other administration fees? No.  Other than the cost of the gift they purchase for you (which are all listed at or below recommended retail price) guests are not charged any additional fees.  Shipping is free. Gift wrapping is free.

Do you charge shipping costs? No.  Shipping is free.

Do you offer any discounts? We offer you a 10% discount on any items remaining on your registry after your wedding day.  We know some other registries who offer further discounts, but there is a lot of fine print and tough conditions which mean you’re unlikely to actually qualify for those discounts.  We like to keep things simple, and we think our service is the best in the market and our  prices are competitive to start with.

I can’t find the product I want, will you get it for me? We sure will try. If you would like a particular product, we can check to see if any of our suppliers stock it, or if not, something similar. Just email us the details of the product you want on your registry and we will try our best to hunt it down for you.  Items outside of our range can be added to your registry, however they will incur a small handling fee (usually 5-10% to cover shipping the items to us)

What is a “contribution” gift? We allow couples to add any items from our range as “contribution” gifts so that the cost can be shared between guests.  We think this is a great option for large ticket items.  We’ll wrap the gift in the usual way and will let you know who contributed (and how much) by attaching gift cards with each guest’s personal message.

Can we add items as “contribution” gifts and can we specify the contribution amounts? You certainly can.  Just let us know what items from our range you want added as “contribution” gifts and we’ll get them loaded.  You can also specify the value of the contribution amounts you’d like so long as the amount divides easily into the purchase price.  We’re happy to personalise your registry to suit your needs.

What happens if the full amount of a “contribution” gift is not met?  If the full value of the gift is not met you’ll have the option of topping it up yourselves or using the value of the contributions to purchase other items off your registry, or from our range of products. If you prefer, we can give you a gift card to spend later.

When should we set up our registry? We recommend you have you registry set up prior to sending out your invitations so that you can tell your guests about your registry when you send out your invitations.

How do we set up our registry? It’s super easy and you can do it on our website at any time from the comfort of your own home.  Check out our step-by-step instructions if you need more details.

How do we tell our guests about our registry? You can do that direct from the website by email, you can have the details printed with your invites or you can contact us and we will send you our information cards free of charge - just tell us how many invitations you are sending and we will courier the right number of cards to you (they’re FREE). 

How do guests find our registry? They can find your registry by clicking "Find a Registry" on the home page and searching with your first or last name.  They will then see your registry and can browse and shop.  We’ve got some easy to follow step-by-step instructions to help guests out if they need it.

What should we put on our registry and how many gifts should we list? We recommend adding a items which cover a broad price range.  As a general rule of thumb add 10% more gifts than guests you are inviting.  You should also check your registry from time to time and add more gifts as items are purchased to ensure that there is always a good selection of items to choose from.  For more detailed suggestions see this link: What should we include on our registry.

Can we add and remove gifts from our registry? You can manage your registry as you go – add and remove gifts at any time (so long as a gift hasn’t already been purchased).

What will our registry look like? Follow this link to see a sample registry.  You can include a personal message and photo.  The list will show what gifts have been purchased and which gifts you still need.

Some of our guests live overseas or are computer illiterate… Guests can purchase gifts from your registry anytime from anywhere in the world.  And if some of your guests aren’t able to navigate the internet so well we’re more than happy for them to call us and we’ll process their purchase over the phone.

When will we receive our gifts?

    We see a surprising number of gifts purchased on the day of the wedding and in the few days after it.  To reduce shipping costs and to meet our minimum order quantities, we are unable to complete the ordering of your gifts from our suppliers until after your wedding day.  Some of our suppliers take up to 4 weeks before the products are delivered to us. Typically, this means that your gifts will arrive three to four weeks after your registry closes. We will contact you prior to your wedding so that you can confirm the time(s) and location for delivery.  Items not available at these times will be shipped separately free of charge. 

    When will our registry close? Unless you tell us otherwise we will close your registry one week after your wedding date.  We see a surprising number of gifts purchased on the day of the wedding and in the few days after it, so we like to leave it open for a week to allow these late purchases to happen.

    Will you wrap our gifts? We will lovingly wrap your gifts in quality paper with ribbons and little handwritten notes with personal messages from your guests.  Large bulky items may not be wrapped and may come direct from the supplier, but we will send separate notes letting you know who the gifts are from. We’ll also give you a detailed list of who gave you what gifts.  It’ll make doing your thank you cards super easy.

    What happens if an item is no longer available? We’ll let you know if that happens and will remove the item from your registry. If it’s already been purchased by a guest then we’ll suggest alternative options or provide you with a gift voucher to spend on our product range (we won’t let your guest know unless you ask us too).

    Do you have a wishing well? No. For 2 reasons (1.) most guests would rather get you a tangible item that you will treasure; and (3.) this service is expensive to provide and we don’t like charging administration fees.

    Do you have a showroom? No we don’t.  We cater for couples throughout New Zealand so it is not feasible for us to have a showrooms throughout the country.  The bonus for you is that we are not passing on the costs of fancy premises to you or your guests.  But, we love talking to our customers so pick up the phone and give us a call! We’ll happily answer any questions you may have or discuss ways to personalise your registry.

    Help, I’m having trouble using your website: Just get in touch with us any time of the day or night.  We love helping customers so give us a call or drop us an email, we want to make your shopping experience as easy as possible.

    Can you store our gifts for us? Yes. Subject to available space we can look after your gifts short term for free.