Seneca Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet

Seneca Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet


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  • Smooth 500 thread count
  • Cotton grown in Nile Delta
  • Cloth woven in Egypt
  • Goods sewn locally
  • Certified as genuine Egyptian cotton
  • Proven product after 15 years in the market

While other’s packaging may state “Egyptian cotton” this more often than not refers to the cotton bud originally coming from Egypt but is being grown in China, Pakistan or similar. While the cotton bud was originally the same it will not receive the same nutrients and absolutely prefect climatic conditions that it would if it were to be grown in the Nile Delta, on the banks of the Nile.

The Nile Delta is one of the most fertile regions on Earth. Many stories of ancient Egypt involve the Nile River and farming. From ancient to modern times, agriculture has been an important facet of Egyptian life. Egypt has 6 million fertile acres in the Nile Delta.

This area is the ideal environment for growing cotton due to a few factors. One of these is that the Nile River is a vital source of nutrients that leaves the soil rich and extremely fertile. Each year the river floods the Nile Delta with these vital nutrients, and then in the dry season the water levels reside leaving the perfect agricultural land that has proven to be ideal for growing the famous cotton. During the dry season the soil is fertile and the climatic conditions are also ideal for the cotton plantations.

Genuine Egyptian Cotton is usually more expensive than the Egyptian cottons grown outside of Egypt and there is good reason for this. The finished product is far superior. So called Egyptian cotton is produced in other countries but it does not have the same growing conditions and is not hand picked. Mechanical harvesting can damage Egyptian cotton fibers.

In comparison other cotton sheets begin to break down and pill over a shorter time period and so become less soft. This is why Egyptian cotton sheets can last for many years. Egyptian cotton is light and breathable, it allows air to flow, which means that whilst a person is sleeping their natural body heat can continue to be regulated in the bed. Other cottons and cotton blends have a tendency to trap air, which can result in an uncomfortable nights sleep.