SW - 2-IN-1 Baby Gym Toy : Hedgehog Oatmeal

SW - 2-IN-1 Baby Gym Toy : Hedgehog Oatmeal

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The Lluie 2-in-1 Baby Gym Toys encourage little ones to explore important milestones through tummy time or whilst lying on their backs.

Gross Motor Skills - encourages baby to reach out to grasp toy
Encourages Discovery - through learning the motor coordination involved to make the toy rattle
Sensory Development - through the different textures and colours incorporated into the design
When your baby has outgrown the baby gym, this toy can be used as a hand-held teething toy.

Best of all? You don't have to put this toy away when you get visitors - designed to complement your home decor, it is beautiful wherever your little interior stylist has left it to be.

Each toy is approx. 33cm long.